Monday, May 16, 2011

old blog

I cant' imagine i can still able to access this old blog of mine..It's been a long time ago since i left on this im back to continue of sharing my color life LOL!...i really miss posting in here. Welcomeback of me!!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lunch at Joy's house today....

Today, we went to my dear sis Joy's house for a nice dinner with family.....I brougth my special pancit although the taste a little bit salty of too much soy sauce hahahaah.I did cook hurriedly so that i have enough time to spent and hangout with them that we supposed to spent with the whole day today but i can't do it coz after lunch ...we're heading up to my sister in law's house for cook out.It's another eating party story again hahahahha .Oh no sorry for my diet ..i can't really help it.,i eat a lot today.Joy made a specialty Beko and macaroons..Oh! i love it..even my hubby doesn't like much the coconut but after he tried the macaroons,taste so yummy for him hehehehe. After we done eating..we had short chit chat for awhile...but i just reminded to Joy that i wanna comeback later for my BH coz i cant' bring it there at my inlaw's party (kapal mukha! no) hahaha..By the way...Oh i felt so sorry for Joy& Roger specially for the kids ( Leona& Angel) for not staying a little bit longer. I know after we have lunch ,we're going to have swimming at pool coz that was they really thougth for the kids.They really enjoyed hangout with us around .We are not just like an aunt& uncle for kids but sametime a typical playmates with them too specially Steve( hubby) hahahaha.Oh! they're so cute and adorable kids even sometimes drive's me crazy hahahaha during the time when i babysitted with them...but that's a part of being a kid and part of my being not lots of experience taking care of kids hahahaha. . Now, that i didn't see them everyday ,feel like i missed their company. Anyway, we can still able to see each other at church every Sunday.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I start missing a friend and a sis ....

My friend sweet Jess and her family will be move to another place soon. I know still the same country but she's living so far than the place now that where she live. Yup! she's one of a kind friend the way she is, very " thougthful " not only in a material way but the way she treating you as a friend..the most i love her is always being appreciated the things from the smallest to big things... that's why no wonder how so blessed her in everything . I love calling her with the word SWEET before next to her name JESS because the way of how so sweet she is. We've been friend for long while..she's not a friend but really like my little sister in any i wish that she's really my sister in real coz she a perfect sis for me.
Anyway...i know i can still communicate with her thru by phone.. hopefully maka telelebad pa gihapon hehehe but one thing i miss her a lot the moment that hanging around with her and her family everytime we see each other. But that's ok im still so happy for you and Bernie that the family still living together and i know this is another new great adventure in life for the family... who knows someday we will see each other again soon...
To you sweet Jess..always remember how so far you are're always very close to my heart and i will never ever forget you. I miss you all!

Monday, August 18, 2008

I love spent Friday with them

I know mostly everyone of us can't wait having a weekend off. We're not working just like a regular emlpoyee but our monday to thursday are really kind of stressful days for us. So, when Friday comes i love to say TGIF too hehehe.
Every Friday of the week, my hubby and I usually spent a dinner date just the two of us. But since his uncle and aunt loves to hangout with us every Friday.We're decided to go out dinner a with them every Friday afternoon at their favorite restaurant. They're the one who take us whereever they wanted to go just to make it sure they enjoyed. It doesn't matter for me as long as good place to eat and not so pricy hehehe( kuripot noh). It's funny at first having a dinner with them..they're the one who pay for the food we ate. I really felt bad coz we ordered a lot hehehe, we tried to pay but they refused it.So, we told them that next time ,it's our turn to pay. They still won't the deal coz doesn't care about it they love to treat and spending time with us . I know they're have much money than us but we don't want to abuse their power hahaha.It's really hard to explained hahaha and then, they let us to do it at this time but in a Dutch way... as what i know means sharing the expenses hahaha . After the dinner we go back to their house and spent a couple of hours talking with coffee & dessert . Oh! i tell you i really love and enjoyed hanging around with them on every Friday .My husband and I are very lucky of having them after the sad moment when my mom in law's lossed. We felt totally lost of a motherly love specially Steve( hubby)I know nobody can't replace my mom inlaw but im so thankful He gave us people like a second parent to us. God is really so good despite of the what happened God is always there,He blessed us not just one person but two who stood and acts like another parent to us. I love them so much coz they really treated us thier own kids and part of their family. Anyway, besides as an aunt& uncle they're both a Godparents of my hubby as well. Thank God for having them in our life and i can't wait to see them on friday again.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Life working in a Hospital

Im so glad that i met my hubby's cousin that willing to help me to get a job in a Nursing Home.She wants me to study first for 1 month in order to get my certificate and after once i am certified .No worries about looking for job coz i am directly hired from them.
I am not really so worried about working on this kind of job coz i been through a lot of experiences while i was working there in Philippiness . I was a Registered Midwife in Philippiness but more exposure of working in a clinical area.I worked in a public government hospital as Nursing Aide assigned and was assigned at the communicable disease department...Oh to tell you the story when my first day of my duty,i almost felt to back out my job. Can you imagine first day of worked there were 3 patients had died on my shift and they want me to after care those dead body by to removing all the gadgets attached the body etc...Oh! it was so toughed for me.. coz i am scared a dead people in my whole life hahahaha...i can't even look at on it how much more touching with it. At that situation,i can't move my feet towards the room.I almost decided to back out but if i do sure it was so big mistake coz there are a ot of people wish to get a job here hwy should i stop.I encouraged myself to do it whether i can't take it hahahaha and im sure i surpassed this test.
I had a lot of experiences while i was assigned on that area. It's a public everyday occupied a lot of patients from different provinces with kinds of diseases. There were 50 patients per day just me and two nurses.Believe it or not i worked like a man running around ,spinning& assymbol the oxygen tank,getting vital signs and talking with dead body hahahaha...Seriously speaking the one that most difficult experience for me while working there i think the most considered is when someone died coz i am too emotional for it i can't help it drop my tears , while watching family crying,screaming.It was so toughed .Oh! my!!! i can't imagine i really survived my job.Even how really so difficult but I learned a lot of things there not just training of job but mostly dealing with different attitudes of people and that given me a lot of patience.I really so proud of it!!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I missed HER!

It been two weeks now since my mother in law had passed away. I couldn't even think that i can no longer gives her a hugs&kisses her, talking with her and makes a funny jokes,walking together in church while holding her purse..i love doing it,, color her hair and buying a gift for her oh a lot of things that i miss her a lots.. and most specially when having a family party coz she's always the one who talk to me all the time.
My mom just really exactly like my own mother eversince when i came her in US and i always feel that she treated me the same way like her own daughter. She's not so close to other daughter in laws unlike me that we're very easy to get along with coz maybe the way i love and care for her. She's a kind of loving and sweet mother in law for me for me, although she is moody sometimes but i know that's was a natural behavior when you're getting so old and i really understand and have patience enough when it comes to handle with it coz when i was in the Philippines.I was living with my grandparents for couple of years of taking care of them until they died.
Last Saturday was my mom's funeral,i can't really help to hold my tears and being too emotional specially when we came in church.I can even look around at the church coz the church has a lot of memories on us .Every sunday we always went to the mass together and we had a lots of pictures around the church. So, i can't really help it to cried a lot coz i missed her so much.
It was so sad when she was gone coz i can't really see her anymore but i know wherever she is sure she's so happy coz i know she 's now in the hands with our Almigthy God. We missed you and I love you Mom!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Felt so sad...

We visited my mom in law yesterday at the Sturdy Hospital .I felt so bad coz she was there at ICU for closed monitoring about her blood sugar.While were there she can't even talk normally not like the last time that we visited that i could make her laugh even her skin a lots of small dark spot due of the medicine's reaction . I almost dropped my tears while watching over her not really in good condition. How i wish that she will getting better soon.

Our pic together on her 73 birthday last december.