Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tired blogging.....

I been so lazy for the past few days of updating my blog.I almost deleted it for some reason and restart all over again but i changed my mind because there some people that i already became friends.
Pls. have my apologize to all those friends who visited here on my blog and left a messages specially to those who did giving me a tags. I really feel so sorry for didn't posted it yet but don't be worry i try to check it out on ur blog and grab it... better too late than never rigth?.Anyway, Thanks all and i really appreciated it . Godbless!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rice price issue...

What's going on about the rice price in my country?? Last nigth, i had a conversation with my father over the phone. While we talked,he can't really avoid not to mention about the rice price issue in the philippines specially in Mindanao. My father told me that the rice price on my place,it's too bad goes up and up.I can't imagine that the one that they usually's now 50 pesos per kilo. Oh my God!?I think the last time that we talked about it that was only 35 pesos per kilo and that was couple months ago ago.Wow! how so rapid the price goes up. There's a different kind of rice that which from other country that not too expensive it's 24 pesos per kl. but it's limited per kilo when you buy it due to a lot of people crazy of buying it. Oh! how so sad, what happen if you have a lot of children to be feed up ,then can't afford the price...How i wish that the government will do something for this crisis.