Thursday, May 29, 2008

Science Museum at Boston

We went to Boston at Science Museum last saturday on my birthday.We watched at the planetarium the show about " what happenned to Pluto?"I think almost about an hour of watching .Oh! that was so cool experienced and i really enjoyed it a lot, felt like i was inside the space ship that travelled the whole universal.Very relaxing view looks real stuffs.....How i wish i can take some pictures but not allowed inside.

After done the Planetarium we proceed at the Exhibit Hall.

A piece of giant wood hubby was really serious of learning something about there.....hehehe
These are some images that very interesting to learn..

Wow! i can't believe how huge that Museum Hall is. I did not really expect that we spent a lots of time there of enjoyed looking the very interesting things.I can't imagine while having fun of playing and getting learn as well. I really enjoyed taking pictures with some very interesting images.The more that caugth my attention was the giant Dinosaur looks real.

Look! how so big it is..just like a real thing hahahahaha...soo scary!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A birthday party in online....

It's sounds fun and unique rigth??a birthday party in online huh!. Yup! it was a party even if didn't happen in real but i did celebrate it with full of fun and joy thru online hahahaha.My eyes came crazy reading all those lovely messages and looking those amazing graphics.
My friendster friends from any different part of the world that showered me a lot of sweet birthday greetings,messages,dedications on my friendster page that it mades my heart so touched specially to my friend Ghani, a friend who is always my angel to me.She spent too much efforts of making a different kinds of adorable pictured graphics with a sweet dedications ,then she really dedicated her own page just putting all my pictures with dedications .To my friend sweet Jessiette with a birthday music background on her page..LOL! that was so sweet .. and to those who some friends who posted a shout out on their page..Oh wow! what great feeling to know that a lots of people treated you a special eventhough i did'nt meet them yet in person!That was really a great experienced in online that they made on my b-day.Those things can't buy on the store!They are so amazing friends and i really appreciate all from the bottom of my heart that how so happy i am on my birthday.How i wish that i can give them a big hugs each of them.I love you all!!!
Oh! how i wish that can display all here on my blog coz im so proud of it.
Thanks to some of my co blogger who greet on chat box specially to my dear sis Maridee who posted her dedication on here blog . Thanks a lot! and Luv U all

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lakbayan Meme

Im so sorry Maridee that i just posted the Lakbayan meme here. I almost forgot about it,you're ate Liz is really getting so older na hahaha.Anyway, thanks a lot dear!

Oh! I love to travel specially the places that has a lots of beautiful beaches and mountains.There's a show on TFC online "Tablescapes" with angel aquino.I love watching this show always coz they're talking about different kinds of foods and interesting places as well.Wow! i can't imagine how so pretty and amazing those places that they showed up on tv from any differents parts of the philippines. How i wish on my vacation soon,i have to spend more time and try to visit one those places.

My Lakbayan Grade A+.

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar

I would like to pass this to
Dixie and Maya.

Monday, May 19, 2008

How's my blog???

Some of my friends without a blog is keep on asking how's my blog doing?? Well, so far so good,i really enjoyed with it although run out of time for updating.I know they're really curious the fact, if i really made a lots of money here coz that's was they thougth so...LOL!
I convinced them to sign up here so that they can make extra money too...hahahaha.How i wish that i make some here but unnfortunately not really coz i can't catch task by on time.
One thing that advantage for being a blogger is having a freedom of expression on writing and it's a choice as well if your willing to tell every details of your life from head to foot then do it why not it's free!!! be like a celebrity with your own book hahaha.. but not really me i have to put a certain limitation on what i have written on here for little privacy.
Actually, i love to talk everything or anything in short i am "talkative' person but not go far specially when it comes to a personal life. Ok! Goodluck and Godbless!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fun Fun Fun...

I had so much fun yesterday together with my closed friends. We had a get together party at my place and considered like in advance birthday party for me(sorry guys! will not tell you my age hehehe).Oh! my goodness my diet was so terribled, of all those yummy foods that we prepared yesterday.I made my special behon,drumstick chicken,macaroni salad,cassava cake and plus my friend Joy brought her suman,chicken wings and ice cream cake.

We had lumpia, ampalaya with egg,puto and adobong chicken liver from my friend sweet Jessiette.Oh! i can't really help it to eat and eat a lot hahaha what a pigggie! i am huhhuhu im really getting so fat...that's ok for now but i have to make a deal to myself that after my birthday's over i have to get ready of my ultimatum diet and exercise hahahaha.I should have to lose some weigth before i have to visit in Philippines and i hope so...Anyway,not only for that reason.I really have to do it for my own health and so hard to walk if ur heavy hahahaha.

Yeah! anyway after we ate,we played some games outside and with our hubby and their kids just for melting some fats hahahaa but didn't help it coz after taking some break back on the table again.
We took some pics and as always... of course our million dollar poses hehehehe.Lucky we have our own "Paparazzi" our own dear Papas (Husbands)...LOL!

Oh! that was really fun fun fun for me.I fell sleep last nigth so early coz of too much actions during the day.And today,i almost missed the church coz i woke up at around 11 am..I really felt so tired and got some muscle pain.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I missed them so bad

My pride and joy in the Philippines, the picture of my whole family,my parents with my two brothers with their own families the wives and kids.It's been almost 6 years since i left them.I miss them so much and i can't wait to see them all soon.
Yesterday, was a mother's day and as well as my father's 61st birhtday.I sent them some money as a gift but instead of buying something they chose to spent it for having little party in the house with close family coz they knew how so happy i am if they're all get together although without my presence. Just feel like i was with them on the party thru the help of a webcam, wow what an amazing technology!. But how bad too, while watching them eating with my favorite filipino foods that i missed a lot specially the lechon huhuhuhuh.Poor me!!!! drooling with the lechon hahahahha.
Yeah!I almost spent 2 hours of chatting with them with my hubby.I almost did miss the church yesterday of so much enjoyed watching specially my little niece and nephews dancing and singing infront the camera although the connection wasn't too good.They're all both so cute and adorable kids.I love them so much and i can't wait to give them a big hugs and kisses soon.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A call from France...

Im so happy that yesterday i finally heard Maya's,a voice straigth from the France.She called me twiced the other day but i missed it.I can't believe that we're just knew each other here on blog but felt like we're known each other before coz we're really so comfortable talking each other on phone.We had comversation for awhile talking about everything specially about food hahahaha.
By the way, she's so sweet and fun to talked. I can't believe we're both talkatived on phone hahahaha but my phone got low battery.
Anyway Maya, thanks for call yesterday, hope to hear u soon again. Takecare and Happy Mother's day!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Thanks Maridee!!


Im so thankful to my dear sis Maridee for the sweet post that i read on your blog. Im really so speechless after i read it and almost mades me cry.How i wish that i can give you a big hugs. You are such a sweet person and how i wish that someday we have chance to meet each other in person .
Who's Maridee?? she is my friend that i met in friendster and considered my little sister even not by the blood , a sister by heart.Im so happy that our friendship still continue here on blog even if we didn't communicate always in friendster but we had so much fun of talking on phone. Im sure the last time that we had a conversation,our cellphone was almost blow up coz of too much laughing hahahahaha.
By the way, Mar..thanks for being such a good friend of mine and a sister as well. Always remember that "Ate Liz" is here. Luv U sis!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How's everyone doing???


I miss updating here.Im glad that finally i got a PR3 on my blog.I heard that having a PR can helps a lot when it comes of making money on blog coz they will give you more of opportunity to get a lot of tasks.How i wish that i can get some but i don't think if i can't still make it .Just even updating here i can't really do it. How much more to grab a tasks.I can't spend too much on pc for the reason that i concern more about my eyes coz i don't have enough sleep good.
I work so hard during nigth time with my hubby in our small printing business.At this time we're pretty busy of working the big orders although not a rush job but we love to finish it as early as possible.I know that there will be more coming soon .I don't want to get crazy of working it together at same time specially that i can't help my husband during daytime.That's why i should work at nigth and spend over time , start at 6 pm till 1 am. Then woke up at around 6 am just to doing some clean before have to babysit kids.I can't believe that i still have an energy to get up early even how tired i am..Thank God and for the vitamin support, i tried to check my blog but my eyes got irritable and can't make it to face infront of the computer coz it's too blurry for me.It's just like i had figth with the computer coz i got teary eyes after hhahahaha.That's why the reason that i can't update a lot on this blog or checking my friendster a lot coz too much busy of work and then lack of sleep.Well that's ok! that's life but im so glad and so thankful to God that the business keep so busy despite of all the hardwork.Im still alive and kicking for good hahahaha.Anyway,i really enjoy and love my work as long as i have enough rest.