Monday, August 18, 2008

I love spent Friday with them

I know mostly everyone of us can't wait having a weekend off. We're not working just like a regular emlpoyee but our monday to thursday are really kind of stressful days for us. So, when Friday comes i love to say TGIF too hehehe.
Every Friday of the week, my hubby and I usually spent a dinner date just the two of us. But since his uncle and aunt loves to hangout with us every Friday.We're decided to go out dinner a with them every Friday afternoon at their favorite restaurant. They're the one who take us whereever they wanted to go just to make it sure they enjoyed. It doesn't matter for me as long as good place to eat and not so pricy hehehe( kuripot noh). It's funny at first having a dinner with them..they're the one who pay for the food we ate. I really felt bad coz we ordered a lot hehehe, we tried to pay but they refused it.So, we told them that next time ,it's our turn to pay. They still won't the deal coz doesn't care about it they love to treat and spending time with us . I know they're have much money than us but we don't want to abuse their power hahaha.It's really hard to explained hahaha and then, they let us to do it at this time but in a Dutch way... as what i know means sharing the expenses hahaha . After the dinner we go back to their house and spent a couple of hours talking with coffee & dessert . Oh! i tell you i really love and enjoyed hanging around with them on every Friday .My husband and I are very lucky of having them after the sad moment when my mom in law's lossed. We felt totally lost of a motherly love specially Steve( hubby)I know nobody can't replace my mom inlaw but im so thankful He gave us people like a second parent to us. God is really so good despite of the what happened God is always there,He blessed us not just one person but two who stood and acts like another parent to us. I love them so much coz they really treated us thier own kids and part of their family. Anyway, besides as an aunt& uncle they're both a Godparents of my hubby as well. Thank God for having them in our life and i can't wait to see them on friday again.