Saturday, August 2, 2008

I missed HER!

It been two weeks now since my mother in law had passed away. I couldn't even think that i can no longer gives her a hugs&kisses her, talking with her and makes a funny jokes,walking together in church while holding her purse..i love doing it,, color her hair and buying a gift for her oh a lot of things that i miss her a lots.. and most specially when having a family party coz she's always the one who talk to me all the time.
My mom just really exactly like my own mother eversince when i came her in US and i always feel that she treated me the same way like her own daughter. She's not so close to other daughter in laws unlike me that we're very easy to get along with coz maybe the way i love and care for her. She's a kind of loving and sweet mother in law for me for me, although she is moody sometimes but i know that's was a natural behavior when you're getting so old and i really understand and have patience enough when it comes to handle with it coz when i was in the Philippines.I was living with my grandparents for couple of years of taking care of them until they died.
Last Saturday was my mom's funeral,i can't really help to hold my tears and being too emotional specially when we came in church.I can even look around at the church coz the church has a lot of memories on us .Every sunday we always went to the mass together and we had a lots of pictures around the church. So, i can't really help it to cried a lot coz i missed her so much.
It was so sad when she was gone coz i can't really see her anymore but i know wherever she is sure she's so happy coz i know she 's now in the hands with our Almigthy God. We missed you and I love you Mom!


Nedekcir said...

My condolences, sorry I haven't visit in a while. I was pre-occupied and I'm here to give an award
Have a great Friday & Weekend!


It is very heartwarming to know that you were really close to your mother-in-law...
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