Thursday, August 14, 2008

Life working in a Hospital

Im so glad that i met my hubby's cousin that willing to help me to get a job in a Nursing Home.She wants me to study first for 1 month in order to get my certificate and after once i am certified .No worries about looking for job coz i am directly hired from them.
I am not really so worried about working on this kind of job coz i been through a lot of experiences while i was working there in Philippiness . I was a Registered Midwife in Philippiness but more exposure of working in a clinical area.I worked in a public government hospital as Nursing Aide assigned and was assigned at the communicable disease department...Oh to tell you the story when my first day of my duty,i almost felt to back out my job. Can you imagine first day of worked there were 3 patients had died on my shift and they want me to after care those dead body by to removing all the gadgets attached the body etc...Oh! it was so toughed for me.. coz i am scared a dead people in my whole life hahahaha...i can't even look at on it how much more touching with it. At that situation,i can't move my feet towards the room.I almost decided to back out but if i do sure it was so big mistake coz there are a ot of people wish to get a job here hwy should i stop.I encouraged myself to do it whether i can't take it hahahaha and im sure i surpassed this test.
I had a lot of experiences while i was assigned on that area. It's a public everyday occupied a lot of patients from different provinces with kinds of diseases. There were 50 patients per day just me and two nurses.Believe it or not i worked like a man running around ,spinning& assymbol the oxygen tank,getting vital signs and talking with dead body hahahaha...Seriously speaking the one that most difficult experience for me while working there i think the most considered is when someone died coz i am too emotional for it i can't help it drop my tears , while watching family crying,screaming.It was so toughed .Oh! my!!! i can't imagine i really survived my job.Even how really so difficult but I learned a lot of things there not just training of job but mostly dealing with different attitudes of people and that given me a lot of patience.I really so proud of it!!!!


laura said...

hehehe pareho tau takot sa patay,well congrats sau and good luck friend.