Monday, March 31, 2008

What kind of Wine I Am....??

I got a tag from my friend MAYA. Thanks!
Im sorry,for just grab it today!

You Are Merlot

Smooth, confident, and popular - you're the type most likely to order wine for the whole group.

You seem to breeze through life on your intuition and wit. And no one seems to mind!

You're comfortable in any social situation you find yourself in, and you never feel outclassed.

And while you live a charmed life, you never let it go to your head. You are truly down to earth and a great friend.

Deep down you are: Balanced and mature

Your partying style: Surprisingly wild... when you let loose, you really let loose

Your company is enjoyed best with: Some greasy pizza

What Kind of Wine Are You?

Oh! Im a kind of MERLOT??..Merlot is fine.. but i love champagne better when it comes to wine..hmmm..i love it!!!!... Sounds like a drunker master huh! hehehehe.Yeah, i drink wine ocassionally but not always.My hubby and I every friday nigth we have a glass of wine but sometimes we drink coffee brandy for fun and relaxing. Im not really so picky of wine as long as i can take the taste and as well as it can make me drunk. Oh!.Im so terrible when i got drunk but not a kind of a troubled maker person.I mean, a crazy and funny one ,in short a versatile actress hahaha I got everything, the talents coz i can act,i can dance and perform a drama hahahaha. That's what the way i am when i hit the power of wine. So, if you drink with me..Oh! im sure you will better gonna bring your anti- bloated cream for gas pain reliever hahahahaha...

Ok, like to pass this tag to Joy, Rosemarie , Laura and Loannah

Friday, March 28, 2008


Do you laugh everyday?? but make it sure that you're laughing for a reason.If is not..Oh!Ohoh! something wrong with you hahahaha.Anyway, Laughter is a great medicine for eveything.Just a simple laugh things can make you feel better.It's good for stress reliever for everyone and it's free!!! no need to go the store to buy for it.Just wear ur good mood and have some mouthwashed hahahaa( just kidding!).
I seen in the show that there's a "Yoga Laughter.How cool it is!It's a stimulated laughter exercise that have great benefits for the heart and helps to stimulate for the immune system . Wow! what a a great idea! for the people who created the Laughter Yoga. .Im sure it's very helpful for those who are very stressed person.
I remember that i had an uncle that his secret every nigth time is to keep smiled infront of the mirror hahaha.He just did it for relaxation and an exercising for the muscles to keep away from wrinkle problem hahahaha. Well, i think it really works coz he looks 10 years younger with his age .
I got a video from the YouTube about those people performed a laughter yoga.They're looks like crazy people but that the way it is to stimulate laugther.It's seem they're having fun each other. Imagine, it mades me laugh too while i watched the video. Try to check it out!!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's time to go on diet...

I really made my own vegestables soup diet today..No more eating beko at this time hahahahha.My soup diet,it's just a simple to prepare, boiled a plain water, then mixed up with carrots, cabbage,celery,spinach and add a little bit of soup mixed flavor to taste.It's very easy you can keep it on the fridge and then if you need it just reheat on the microwave.It's really very healthy and safe kind of diet that you don't really need to starve yourself.You can still keep on eating as well as can lose weigth and make it you so healthy.

I tried this before and it's really works for me.That's why I have decided to do this again bacause at this time i gained a lots weigth. It's not really so good for my health specially diabetic and heart disease are very common in my family.Anyway, i love this soup diet than to use any pills although it's a kind of boring but this is for my own good health. Anyway , i can still cheat my diet a little bit hahahaha.I have this for 5 days in a week coz weekends it's time for pampering myself by treating my favorites hahahaha...It's funny coz i have to dealt with my ownself as a prize for being sacrificing hehehe. It really better to put it on this way than not to eat at all.
I remember when i was in mids 20's,im very insecured and conscious about my overweigth figured.I feel like a giant walking on the street hahaha coz i was so fat and tall and some of my friends that's what really called me all the time.I was so deppressed and tried not to take any food just a water and small piece of crackers or sometimes hold my hunger so that no food to take on my mouth.I was an anorexic person at that time,it's a kind of sickness that you lose all your appetites or food taste. I got troubled to eat food even how so delicious it is .It's nothing and tasteless for me. I tried to force myself to eat a little bit amount of food but just a minutes my digestive system can't hold it .I had to go to the bathroom all the time if i got something to eat. It was so scary situation and it mades so thin but very unhealthy looking.Oh! thank God im still survived based on that bad experienced.
I read in the magazine that the skinny people in modelling/showbiz industry are not really satisfied of their happiness even they got everything in life than an ordinary person.I guess so...have you notice on their plate that serve a very little of food.Oh!when i seen it,seems not really mades me happy when i eat it that kind of serving hahahaha.We'll im sure they have a lots of pressured about their looks of maintaining a sexy and good looking person infron of the people.Unlikely, the ordinary people that can eat anything what they wants,no limits. I'ts nice without any pressured when it really comes to food rigth??
By the way, it doesn't matter what really looks that you are.The important that you're a healthy and happy person.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Linking Tag

Thanks Joy for the Tagged!

Rules: Cut and paste the following starting here. I have randomly selected 5 of you below to be tagged and I hope that you will similarly publish this post in your blog. You will have to tag 5 other bloggers and just keep adding on to the list. (Do not replace, just keep on adding! Yes we hope it will be a long list!) It’s real easy! Tag others and see your Technorati Authority increase exponentially! The benefits of Viral Linking:- One of the fastest ways to see your technorati authority explode!- Increase your Google PageRank fast- Attract large volume of new traffic to your site- Build your community- Make new friends!

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I would like to pass this to Loannah, chechay, Luchi, Jo and Maridee

Monday, March 24, 2008


Are you stiil remember this stuffs??I'ts a beko (sweet rice) and fried fish tilapia with tomato.I really missed this kind of foods.I got this sweet rice from my friend Jessiette and i bougth the fish and banana leaves at the Pricerite Store. Oh! i lovethe fish specially fish that from Philippines. I dn't really care how so smell fishy it is in my house and my hubby he doesn't really care either as long as i enjoyed it. Anyway not really too bad too bad the fish than the dried fish(bulad) Everytime i fried fish , always get ready with my super power scented candles at my side and other spray stuffed hahahahaha. I love dried fish too ., but i can fried it outside coz it's really sooo strong.
I can't believe that i can still eat this kind of food again. I really missed the food in the Philippines. It's been long time i never had it.When i was chatting my family last saturday, i really showed them on cam. They're really surprised when they saw it, hahahaaha coz sometimes they chased me a lot on cam everytime they made something there specially my favorite foods.

We ordered a chinese foods yesterday on my Easter celebration and beko is my dessert with matching coffee . The fried fish....i can't save it at all from the day that i cook it.I'ts just enough for me to eat for twice a day with my rice hahahaha.. but i shared some to my friend Joy this yummy foods. Oh! i forgot to take a pictures with my " kamoteng suman" that i made last week.That was really so good. OMG! what happen to my diet now hahahaha....

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Sunday Easter to All!!

imikimi - Customize Your World

Just got home from the Easter mass,i felt a little bit of sleepy when i was there coz lastnigth we attended a mass for a solemn easter vigil with a blessing of fire.It took more than 2 hours the ceremony ,that started at 8:00 pm. till 10:15 pm because it's a bilingual mass,celebrated with 2 versions spanish and american.
I love hangout with the spanish people although i don't really even understand their language but feel like im in the Philippines. They look like a Filipino like me. Sometimes they think that i am one of them too.I mean a spanish like them hehehe.There are some words like a little bit same with. How i wish i can speak and understand their language so well.
I remembered when first time i had my medical checked up here.It's funny they gave me a Spanish lady Doctor. I was really surprised and speechless while the lady talked to me on her own language.She was kept on talking a lots hahaha. I just smiled and told her that i am not a spanish, i am a Filipino hehehehe.Oh! how i wish that i know how to speak and understand it.Im not sure but i think here in US spanish is just like a second language due to their large community around here.I got a CD to learn how to spanish but im so lazy. I know some word of spanish but really a little . I learned it when i stayed in Zamboangga for couple of weeks with my aunt .I think that was a "chabakano" words but still same spanish. It's really nice to know if you learn a lot of different languages. Im so impressed to hear people talking a different languages. I hope i got some talent for speaking in any different languages hahaha.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Holy friday!

I was attend the "Way of the Cross" this afternoon with my hubby at the St. Joseph church. I can't believe that they did it outside within the church's vicinity even how so windy & cold it is. I thougth still inside the church, that's what we had before. I had really confident worn a blazer hahaha.When the ceremony started at the first station,i was not really so comfortable coz sooo cold.Anyway, it's a little bit of sacrifice though but i can't hold the coldness.Lucky that i have one jacket that i left on car yesterday. Imagine, we're still have 13 more stations to go but im so glad that i made it with the help of my jacket.
Oh! I missed the traditional way of celebrating the Holy week in the Philippines specially when i was live in the province a couple years ago. We already so busy of participating church activities from the first day of holy week. We have an early morning parade in the easter Sunday that which the group of men carry the statue of Jesus and as well as the women group will be hold the statue of Mama Mary while walking and singing.When the time of meeting ,there's a child play as role of an angel that will take off the veil of mama Mary. Some kids are singing with their cute angel attired . Oh! that's really my favorite part event on Easter Sunday, so touchy and it really made you cry. How i wish to celebrate my holyweek there soon.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Little Spider Man's birthday

We went to the party last Sunday. It was Jonathan's birthday the son of my friend sweet Jessiette and Bernie. He's so cute and adorable little kid that so fascinated with Spider man . Don't you believe that he's really so updated everything all about new of spider man's stuffed. I gave him a black spider suit but he has already with that kind , but he still love it as long as it looks really spider man. The picture on top, that 's Jonathan and Angel ( joy's daugther). They're really both so cute,i can't help it to take a pictures with them together. They're not my kids but how i wish someday, i have a little ones.

That's my friend Jessiete,the mother of the lil boy hehehe..busy helping out to open the present
How so excited he is with friends.

The beauties of massachusetts and Rhode island, from the left nette, jessiette, myself, joy,yvonne,lirio,lyn and aimee..oh! with little angel in the middle. We're really had so much fun,everybody with a big smiles coz we're just done eating the delicious foods.Oh! im glad that i not the one who seated on the couch,im sure you can see the big evidence know what im talking about. It was really fun fun fun....

Links around the World

Thanks for the tagged Joy!

This is the Links Around The World Tag.Instruction:

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1-Momhood Moments 2-Business Mars 3-Princezz 4-Princess 5-Cecil 6-Ron & Cecil 7-Pinay Mommy Online 8-OnlineBiz and Resources 9-A Simple life 10-moms…..check nyo 11-Mommy’s Little Corner 12-Random Thoughts 13-Paradigm 14-See Me For What You Will 15-Pamp’s Blog Corner 16-Pampered 17-HappyHeart 18-Qtcotzkie and Baby 19-A Sorta Fairytale 20- tragicseven 21-Listen to the Beat! 22-Just Saying 23-Tipsy Tips 24- 25-Different AnglesDelicious Corner 26-I Care 27-Blog Blag Blog 28-Daily List 29-Life’s Journey 30-Welcome to my Crib 31-A Daily Walk With Bill & Gina 32-Me,Myself + 2 33-Fun.Fierce.Fabulous 34-Mike 35-BerryScrappy 36-BloggerHappy 37-My Planet Purple 38-Our Journey to Life 39-Princess Bela 40-Kaptyurd by Howell 41-My Simple Joys 42-A Sweet Taste Of Life 43- Bits and Pieces 44. Mem's Precious Moments 45. mugshots 46. Brainymommy 47. Pioneers Band 48.Maya's Window 49. Rojoy's Daily Update 50. Buzzy Bee Mom 51. Mommy Joy Of Two 52. Rojoy's Kitchen 53. The moment of past 54. Rainbow of life 55. (your link here)

I will pass this to Marilyn, retchel, babette and Shela2

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spreading the Love

My sis Rose spread her Love..Thanks for the tagged!

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I would like to pass this to Laura, ellen, Elizabeth , Aillen and maridee

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Longest Human Line

I got a tag from Joy . Thanks!

Copy the entire list and add your name on the person who tagged you.
Then tag at least 5 friends (but you can tag as many as you like)
and visit their blog to let them know you tagged them.

Abie - Journey to Life
Abie - MyPlanetPurple
Kaptyurd by Howell

I would like to tagged this to Laura, maridee, Jo, mommyyallehs,Juliefe, and roselle

Belated Happy Birthday Rose...

I felt so bad that i forgot the b-day of my dear sis Rose. She is my friendster little sis and my co- blogger. Even we dont' see in person but we're just like known each other well through chatting and exchanging comments .I met her through Jam's group,we had a lot of bonding there that's why we're close each other. I fun to call her a " bungisngis lady " coz everytime we chatted she's always put a big smile on her face..what a cool lady she is. Rose, even if i forgot my greetings..just wanna let you that you're one of my special friend always as well as my favorite little sis . I love you and wish you all the best with your family specially to your loving FaFahso. Happy belated Birthday!!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tags from Laura

Thanks to my regular suki Laura for this interesting tag again.

I AM… a pinay
I WANT….To visit in philippines this year
I HAVE..A sweet husband
I WISH….to see my family and friends in Philippines
I HATE…sarcastic person
I FEAR…alone in darkness
I SEARCH… to try my co-workers in davao medical center in online
I WONDER…why we don't have snow in the philippines hahahahaha..
I REGRET… why i own a credit cards hahahahaha
I LOVE….friends who are so sweet and loveable
I ALWAYS…wish to go in the other country
I AM NOT…happy with my weigth...huhuhuhu
I DANCE…anything
I SING…always of my favorite song
I CRY… so easy when somebody hurt my feelings
I WRITE…my post to my blog
I WON…..50$ scratch tickets last year hehheehe
I AM CONFUSED…my blog layout
I NEED…to go on bed now
I SHOULD…be more learn this blog
THE LAST THOUGHT I GO TO SLEEP WITH IS….my routine nigth prayers with God.

I would like to pass this to weng, rose, joy , Jo and Maridee.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My cats in Camera

My two cats name smothy and mengay. We found them at my backyards when they were both a baby. Mengay has a little bit of shy type or elope sometimes when they seen people around. Both are always stayed at the vestment that where me and my hubby working. We feed them a Meow mix brand of food coz that they're favorites except for a Smothy, he can eat anything . Mengay is so older than smothy, so she's being a mother to him.

This is Smothie when he was kitten. We found him during the day of our wedding anniversarry that was a year ago. He was there at my backyards crying looking for his mom.We rescued him and decided to adopt coz he was so cute and pretty kitten.

Some of my friends thougth that this is a stuffed toy hahaha.This is Smothy ,i took this pictures when he was a kitten. What can u say is he like a model ???hahaha.He was really so cute and adorable cat coz i did'nt expect that he know how to pose in the camera hahahaha. Oh! i love chasing him a lot.
I tried to put him inside the house when he was a kitten but i got a lots of troubled with him when his inside the house, i remember that he ruined my chrismas tree . He loves to climb up all the time just to grab the balls decorations. Oh ! i can't believe cat love doing it.He was really so fascinated with the round stuffed like small kids cuddling with those things.One time when i left him alone. I cameback the house like a disaster was so messy. My tree was fell down and with a lots of broken balls around the floor.

So, now i keep him stay at the vestment with Mengay. Anyway, they are so comfortable to hangout each other on the chair,watching with us working like our boss hahahaa, look he's a little grumpy on this pic......

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


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The more people who will join the "LINKER CHAIN", the more links we can generate.
Lastly, write only ONE LUCKY NUMBER for your blogs...
Keep it simple and short, I know some of you have more than one blog.
The color for the link should be only black, gray, or white, depending on your blog's theme. Please avoid using any color, ok ?
Hundreds and thousands and millions only no more trillions for chrissake lol.....ok lets get started.
1.) 6966 2.) 609 3.) 066 4.) 066 5.) 606 6.) 669 7.699 8.5354 9.)77710.)737 11.) 1969 12.)214 13.)1229 14.)7173 15.0730 16.)2377 17.8 18. 272 19. (your lucky number here)

I would like to pass this to Maridee

Monday, March 10, 2008

Solution for Pop Up problem!

I finally figured it out, what's really the problem caused about the pop up that always came out on my blog everytime i open it.I remembered my friendster that i have same thing problem like this before.That's why i got an idea that migth be one of the widgets codes.Really, so sneaky advertiser trying to linked up on some widgets.Im trying hard worked it lastnigth on how to remove those sneaky window. Oh! i dont really stopped it till i can't find it the real caused. How really so annoying stuffed, a sneaky Ad that linked up and popped up automatically.How i wish that we can make money from them ,every pop up hahahha..
Yesterday ,i had my lunch with my favorite foods while i was there seated infront on my computer try to browse my blog. What a nasty porno ad pop up atutomatically. Gosh!, it mades me really sicked and lose my appetite .Lucky no kids arounds at that time, im sure got so troubled on it.
Yesterday, i removed all those widget codes on my page ranks the google ,alexia and etc.The pop up adverstisement didn't come out at all since this morning.
To those who had problem about the pop up things, try to remove all those widget codes on page ranks. Im pretty sure it will be ok and back to normal. My friend had same problem when i told her.She tried to delete it and fter when she did it, the annoying pop up was totally gone.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


It's rainy the whole day started last nigth but rain can't really stopped me to go out with my hubby hahahaha. We went to the Providence Mall at Rhode Island coz we're planning to watch the Spiderwick movie at the Imax theater inside but we missed the time .We spent more on playing video games at the D&B. It's a cool place, that where you can eat and playing . We had so much fun there of playing,the video screen was so big.We're just like a kids hahahaha crazy playing but anyway, not really quite so obvious coz there are some adult like us playing. I really love that Mall .Perfect! for those wives loves shopping like me while hubby hangout with the place for video games hahahaha.

Friday, March 7, 2008

What a cute Movie!!!

We had a great time of watching an ENCHANTED movie this afternoon with Leona and Angel (Joy's kids).I'ts fun and exciting coz it's a first experienced of my hubby and I with kids in the movie theather hahahaha.I dont' know what's going on when we're there but joy told me that they're good and behaving if it is a movie time.Im glad that they're both well behaved and had great fun of it .I thougth that they will get bored and im sure got a trouble with them hahahaha but everything was fine and quitely concentrate watching over it except the hubby fell sleep hahaha not really his type.Anyway, just for the kid's treat only. Im not really a fun with animated/cartoon movies since when i was kid. But i can't believe felt like a kid when i watched the movie.
The movie was really great, its funny with magical-musical and comedy..About the story of a beautiful princess banished with the evil queen..and the story turns into a reality. It' more getting fun when i seen places the area of Manhattan, the Grand central park in New york.Oh! i really remember the place.I took a lots of pictures, the last time when i visited there during vacation.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

What's your Dinner???

I got this tag from my sistah Joy. Im sure,she knew it already what's my dinner today coz i babysit her kids everyday,and that's what i prepared for them today but seems the kids didn't really happy for the food hahaha. I forgot to tell Joy that Angel looking for a french fries instead of brocolli and rice on the plate .Anyway i really understand it, coz Steve (hubby) that's what he thougth sometimes.My husband doesn't really like vegestables but he loves to drink vegestable juice the one on the bottle.Wether he like it or not, he really should eat it specially that we're trying to lose some wiegth.

By the way, here's i prepared for dinner today beef steak, yellow rice,and vegestables. I really love to make my own food but sometimes i dont' have time to cook if it is really so busy bcoz i am working during nigth time , so we use a food that ready to eat or making a simple sandwiches.

Ok, i would like to give this tag to Laura, Jo, weng, rosemarie.

Ellis Island

My hubby and I went to New York last 2006 and it was my first time to visit the Statue of Liberty. I didn't really expect that there was another island located before next of it. It's an Ellis island, a big old historical building in the middle. This island is a symbol of America's immigrant heritage. From 1892-1954, It's a place for immigrant depot processed. Nearly, twelve million immigrants before had landed just searching for their freedom of speech and religion and for economic opportunity.

How really difficult to enter here in US as an immigrants,the law is so tight. But lucky we don't need to stuck in the island and to waiting for couple of months or year of processing. It's fast now because of using the high technology, everything can be process easily.

Nowadays, the island is under management of the national park service.The monument has been preserved for the generations to come.This is one of the amazing tourist spot in New york. If you will plan to visit the Statue of Liberty,dn't miss the Ellis Island coz it's a very interesting scenery.

Who is ur Idol???

I got a tagged again from Laura. Thanks a lot...Oh! who's my Idol ???,.....

1. who is your Idol? my parents

2. What characteristic/s does/do your idol/s possess/es that draws you to him/her/them? their good provider, supportive,religious and so loving.

3. What have you learned from him/her/them? –a lots but i learned most of a being a religious person.

4. Have you applied anything you’ve learned from your idol/s? – oh! yeah always

5. What have you taught others based on what you’ve learned from your idol/s? – how so important to live with and have faith to God always.

6. What are the things that you don’t like about your idol/s? – i know that the'res no perfect in this world but for me they are perfect..sorry,everything is so good.

7. Have you done something to correct them? – i don't think so

would like to share this tag to JO, Joy, rosemarie and weng.

Tag from Laura

Thanks again Laura for this wonderful tag of friendship. How so sweet of you for tagging me always.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Award time

I got another tag from Laura. Thanks again ! Oh! love this big hugs bear, it's so familiar for me coz i got this all the time on my friendster friends. Glamorous? i don't think so, but i still take it. Peace Award, oh! yeah i'll take it coz im so friendly to everyone.
I would like to give this award time to weng, rosemarie, Jo , Joy and rose

Troubled downloading pics

I got still trouble of downloading pics on my blog. How many times i tried to post a tags since lastningth, but thing's not work it. My computer still hanging up when i download a pictures. Please be patience to those friends who sent me a tags specially to my friend laura. I really appreciate it but sorry for now, if i cant' post it .I gonna post the tags soon as well as i can make download the pics.


How so nice to recieved an awardees from my friend Laura. Thanks for tagging me always.
I would like to give this awardees to Jo, Rosemarie and Joy.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

My cute little Nephew..

My brother in Philippines sent me a picture to his 3rd baby boy John Carlo. He was born yesterday Feb.29 2008. What a cute and beautiful baby he is.Oh! im sure another need a support from me for milk ohohohoh!!, anyway that's Ok, i love them so much. He's big baby weighing 7.9 lbs.Im so thankful to God that my sister inlaw had no problem during her delivery and as well as the baby too except for only something found after birth ,a tiny little skin attached inside his mouth. The doctors want him to stay for couple of days just for an observation .I hope not really a big problem.
When i saw the pics i got a little drama coz i miss them so much.How i wish this year i can really make it to visit there in philippines coz i can't wait to see them specially the kids. Actually, i got 1 niece and 3 nephews in family. They really made me so happy everytime i see them on webcam singing, dancing and talking to me.What an amazing technology that we can still see and communicate them. Sometimes , they keep on asking me that when they can see in person. They're so cute and adorable, and im so excited to see them soon.